Snowflakes, Retakes

Feb 23, 2017

To the Editor:

Regarding the Feb. 8 pieces by Bill Bonvie (“How Enough ‘Snowflakes’ Can Bury Bully-in-Chief”) and Tom McArdle (“Dangerous Nationalism”): With all due respect for the concern, wisdom and patriotism of these gentlemen, it is long past time to cease the name-calling, invective hurling and Armageddon predicting. Donald Trump has been elected president of these United States and, like it or not, he is your president, too.

No one should be surprised to read that Mr. Bonvie and Mr. McCardle are not overjoyed by the results of the past election. They exist on one side of our country’s divided population, which is more divided now than it has been for decades. The reason should be quite apparent: The voters have had their “fill” of power-hungry, self-aggrandizing, acolyte-rewarding, money-wasting, pork-funding, lying, tax-raising bureaucrats who have ruled supreme from both sides of the aisle for way too long.

Mr. McArdle’s comments suggest we are compromising our freedoms, liberties, values and principles, and intimating that a newly elected, more conservative government could be the reason. First, Mr. McArdle should explain what liberties, freedoms, values and principles he’s fearful of losing and why. Then, a valid suggestion would be that Mr. McArdle view the movie “Hillary’s America.” The movie will also clearly detail the seriously divergent thought processes the country once faced that led to the devastating war between the North and the South – once again proving that opposing sides are not a new phenomenon and eventually work themselves out favorably.

Mr. McArdle also states that “the rest of the world, except maybe Russia, had no say in the election.” That’s funny, I thought we were voting for a president of our U.S.A. and did not realize we were voting for a world leader.

Mr. McArdle’s worries about our government creating a holocaust or genocide, despite comments to the contrary about not being the fearful type, are so far from reality, based on the safeguards our system of government has in place, that a response is not needed. We did not elect a dictator, king or “fuhrer,” whose word is sacrosanct or law. And we do not pledge our allegiance to a person but to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. Remember: “with liberty and justice for all.”

The warm spring of 2017 will soon be upon us, and it’s sad that so many will continue to ruminate in the dark and chilly environment of the past, harboring ill feelings of a lost election and refusing to accept the fact that “elections have consequences” and move on.

There is a choice: continued anger, resentment and hatred of the opposing side and subsequent alignment with half of the country including the Hollywood elites, educators, entertainers, the Fourth Estate and many who depend on government for survival, or the other half of the country who plan on moving forward in a positive fashion and who are not opposed to aligning with the military, our local law enforcement and those who seek less government intervention, lower taxes and a return to the Constitution. The voters who elected Mr. Trump as president feel they finally have someone who has the ability to drain that putrid, overflowing swamp.

It is doubtful the accumulation of “snowflakes” will ever have any meaningful effect. Experience has demonstrated that they melt, leaving a wet spot that soon disappears under the disinfecting sunlight of truth.

S. Fox

Little Egg Harbor




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