So Compassionate

Feb 16, 2017

To the Editor:

On Sunday morning, Jan. 29, my husband, Bob, woke up with severe chest pains, nausea and numbness in his legs. I called 911 and it seemed like in no more than five minutes four or five volunteer EMS and first aid squad ambulance people were at our door in Barnegat Light.

It is hard to describe, in all the terror and chaos I was feeling, how fast and efficiently they started to work on Bob. Before we knew it Bob was in the ambulance, with me sitting next to the driver, hearing all kinds of comforting words. I wish I knew the driver’s name.

On arrival at the local hospital ER, they diagnosed a very serious tearing of the aorta in the heart. He was helicoptered to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, where a thoracic surgeon was waiting for him. He operated on Bob for over six hours but could not save him.

The purpose of this letter is to thank the great Barnegat Light services who were not only professional and efficient, but oh so compassionate, sensitive and caring, always mindful of my desperate and frightened condition watching Bob suffer.

We are so very fortunate to have such wonderful volunteer teams, including the fire company, in Barnegat Light who give unselfishly of their time and skills, who have to be trained and on call 24/7. They are very unique, special human beings.

I am devastated by my loss, but I know that everything humanly and medically possible was done to save Bob. That is a great comfort to me.

Thank you also to my friends and neighbors who have realized I am alone now and have been such a comfort and help to me as I try to begin life anew.

To those who tried so valiantly to save my husband, thank you for your dedication and vital services to our community. I will never forget. 

Carole Marks-Bachman

Barnegat Light

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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Feb 17, 2017 07:47

Our sincerest condolences. Carole, you, too, must be such a wonderful person to take the time and to recognize all the people who did/do their best to help you and Bob.

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