Solar Scam

Sep 14, 2016

To the Editor:

Lisa Abramson wrote a terrific column on solar energy (“Solar on Long Beach Island Is an Unequivocal Win-Win,” 9/7), but failed to mention a major part of the equation. Who paid for their solar system?  The taxpayers (federal and state) and utility rate payers paid for their free solar system. 

My daughter bought a solar system for her home. The cost was $58,000 before tax credits, not cheap or free. The average solar installation is well over $20,000.  

I also admire Elon Musk for his achievements in green energy. Mr. Musk is the largest recipient of tax subsidies in our country. Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX  (Elon’s companies) have received over $5 billion of federal tax dollars. Elon has certainly profited handsomely in his endeavors.

In April 1954, researchers at Bell Laboratories demonstrated the first practical silicon solar cell. Solar power, in many rudimentary forms, has been around for centuries yet cannot financially stand on its own merits. You may remember some recent failures like Solyndra ($500 million), Abound Solar ($400 million), Evergreen Solar ($527 million) plus many, many more.

All federal and state green subsidies should be eliminated. Let renewable energy stand on its own financial merits. If that happens, the country will be better served.

I am tired of financing liberal agendas with my tax dollars. By all means, we need to take care of our planet for the generations to follow. But let’s not proceed at the expense of the taxpayers. Our free market system has worked well up to this point. Healthy corporate competition should be able to support this process on its own. 

Ed Talbot

Little Egg Harbor




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