Southern Regional School Board Approves Additional Work for Auditorium Renovation

Jul 18, 2018

The Southern Regional High School auditorium overhaul is underway, but a few additional things were deemed necessary to enhance operations within the auditorium and its immediate surroundings. And with that, the Southern Board of Education approved on July 11 the appropriation of additional funds to cover those costs.

A change order totaling $99,257 was unanimously approved by the board, giving the green light for additional infrastructure, video and sound to the 9/10 building auditorium by Duall Building Restoration.

During its Feb. 14 meeting, the board initially approved the contract to renovate the high school auditorium for a total of $2,327,600, which included a base bid of $2,142,000 and two alternate bids of $92,500 and $93,100. In coordination with the approval of the contracts for the two projects, the board authorized the transfer of $647,600 from the Capital Project Reserve Fund to the Capital Projects Fund. The projected costs included construction, design fees and contingency costs.

According to Southern Regional Business Administrator Steve Terhune, the details of the additional work include the following:

• Adds a disconnect with the fire alarm system so that if the alarm triggers, the speaker still can be used to advise people to leave the facility.

• Adds speakers/PA system to the hallway outside the auditorium so announcements can be made or audio can be heard.

• Adds a video monitor backstage so the student actors can watch the production backstage to coordinate their entrances.

• Adds microphones on the stage and in the audience for better audio quality, as well as to provide the ability to do recordings.

• Installs a wireless intercom for use by the students/staff during productions.

• Installs a video feed to adjoining classrooms for use as staging areas for student actors/performers.

• Adds an audio feed in the band room so the pit band has the option of playing from that location while broadcasting to the auditorium.

According to the proposal provided to the board by Duall Building Restoration, the breakdown of the additional work is $25,895 to furnish and install lobby speakers, stage video and recording microphones; $45,269 to furnish and install a serial digital interface router/remote system and make changes to coordinate the system with appropriate classroom distribution; $5,967 to install the wireless intercom system; and $23,626 for the installation of the fire alarm disconnect and accompanying system alterations. The proposal comes with a $1,500 “bulk discount.”

David Biggy

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