Southern Regional School Board Approves Bid to Replace Gymnasium Bleachers

Jun 21, 2017

Following the Class of 2017’s graduation from the high school earlier in the week, the Southern Regional Board of Education didn’t have too much on its agenda for its June 14 meeting. But the board did make one big business maneuver for the 2017-18 school year when it approved the authorization to purchase replacement bleachers for the middle school and high school’s 9/10 building gymnasiums.

Accepting a bid by the Nickerson Corp. as part of the Middlesex Regional Educational Services Consortium, the board authorized the replacements of the bleachers for a total cost of $221,507 – building improvements that were budgeted for the 2017-18 school year as part of the operating budget approved by the board last month. The cost to replace the bleachers in the middle school is $104,215, while the cost to replace the 9/10 building bleachers is $117,292.

According Business Administrator Steve Terhune, the MRESC is a formal purchasing cooperative run by the Middlesex Regional school district in Middlesex County, which frequently “holds bids for a variety of things schools normally need, thereby pooling the purchasing power of many schools to secure better pricing.” Terhune said the existing bleachers in the two buildings no longer meet the state’s safety standards.

In other business, the board awarded multiple bids for supplies, equipment and services, including those for academic, athletic and technological supplies, trash pickup, the replacement of several maintenance vehicles and the acquisition of new marching band uniforms. Through a similar purchasing cooperative with Educational Data Services, the board approved the purchase of academic, athletic and technological supplies totaling $122,849.69, while Meadowbrook Industries was contracted through June 2020 for trash pickup at an estimated annual cost of $45,051.20, and DeMoulin Bros. & Co. was awarded the bid to replace band uniforms at a total cost of $532.07 per uniform.

The board also approved the district’s food service contract with Sodexo Management Inc., along with the lunch and breakfast prices for the 2017-18 school year, which are the same as the pricing for the 2016-17 year, Terhune said. The standard “paid lunch” price per student is $2.95, while the “reduced-price pattern lunch” price per student is 40 cents. The standard price for breakfast per student is $1.25, while the reduced price is 30 cents. All information regarding food services for the district can be found at

— David Biggy

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