Spending Insanity

Aug 23, 2017

To the Editor:

The Little Egg Harbor and Pinelands Regional school boards are out-of-control spending machines with no breaker switch. It appears that they only serve the interests of the teachers and school administrators with no regard for taxpayers who already pay the highest property taxes in the U.S. National average property tax for a median-priced home is $2,000 per year, but in New Jersey it’s $8,000 per year, or 300 percent higher.

It is time for the local school boards and/or the Ocean County freeholders and state legislators to eliminate the two $169,000-a-year, unnecessary school superintendents, eliminate employee binding arbitration and replace it with property owner arbitration, eliminate prevailing wage rates that increase the cost of school construction and repair contracts by at least 20 percent, eliminate automatic longevity pay increases, have employees contribute more money to their own Cadillac health plans, and eliminate employee pensions and switch to a 401k thrift savings plan that federal employees have been using since 1986.

The New Jersey public employee pension system is $50 billion underfunded, and using lottery funds to pay pension contributions will not save it from insolvency.

Little Egg and Pinelands Regional school boards should be replaced immediately with an Ocean County school board, and all schools administered by the present Ocean County superintendent of schools. The Ocean County Health Department has an Ocean County Board of Health and a county health officer, which eliminates the need for local boards of health and local health officers for every municipality within the county. Why not do the same for education as we do for public health?

Politicians in Trenton need to stop giving out benefits for votes and implement mandates that reduce property taxes. The 2 percent cap does nothing to reduce school board wasteful spending. Young and old are being forced out of New Jersey because of the high property taxes and lack of good paying jobs.

The goal of the next governor and Legislature should be to take New Jersey from the No. 1 highest property-taxed state in the nation down to an average property-taxed state, or from insanity to normal.

Ken Orr

Little Egg Harbor


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