Spineless Lemmings

Jan 25, 2018

To the Editor:

Mr. Trump lies, degrades and deceives, and the helpless and spineless Republican lemmings swear to it.

In a salacious, vicious and deprecating tirade earlier this month, Mr. Trump made several racist remarks against Haiti, Haitians and the continent and people of Africa. We have all heard his vile comments and they just perpetuate the vitriol, prejudice and callous disregard for any person or nation which has different skin color than Mr. Trump.

Yes, Mr. Trump is a racist based on a myriad of comments and actions that he has initiated over his lifetime as a public figure. Where does it stop? Unfortunately, not with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican Party who just stand pat and refuse to criticize or denounce Trump’s behavior.

Mr. Ryan did comment that Trump’s words were “unhelpful,” but he refused to condemn the statements or Mr. Trump. So much for doing what’s right and just. Mr. McConnell, meanwhile, stays moot and as “leader” of the party he is signaling all other Republicans to act accordingly. By not condemning the comments or Donald Trump, Ryan and McConnell continue to condone the already erratic and spoiled brat behavior of the president.

Based on the recent track record of Republicans on which they allow Trump to continually lie, deceive and  embarrass our country without repudiation, this Republican silence speaks volumes but will be remembered come this November.

Until then, Nero fiddles while Rome burns!

Bill Green

Beach Haven


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