Spodofora Falls to Myhre in Stafford Council Primary

2019 Could See More Conservative Council
Jun 05, 2018
File Photo by: Jack Reynolds Stafford Township's Republican primary election has effectively unseated longtime Mayor John Spodofora.

By a difference of only 86 votes, Tuesday’s Stafford Township Republican primary election has effectively unseated longtime Mayor John Spodofora, whose term will end in November when Greg Myhre and his council candidates run in the general election with no Democratic challenger, unless a slate of Independents decide to throw their hats in the ring.

In a very close race, results showed Myhre, 1,318 votes (51.5 percent), and Spodofora, 1,232 votes (48.2 percent). A total of 2,557 residents spread over 21 voting districts cast ballots on Tuesday.

Among the council candidates, the six top vote getters were: Thomas Steadman – 1,314; Anthony R. Guariglia – 1,291; Michael T. Pfancook – 1,275; Paul S. Krier – 1,270; George S. Williams – 1,253; and Robert E. Henken-Siefken – 1,243.

Meanwhile every candidate in Spodofora’s Column B was defeated: Sharon McKenna – 1,196 votes; David Taylor – 1,189; William Stephen Fessler – 1,166; Raymond Fix – 1,164; Paul Marchal (council president) – 1,157; and Gordon ‘Rich’ Carlson – 1,150.

The seven newcomers have branded themselves the Stafford Conservatives, on a platform of defending Stafford from Gov. Phil Murphy’s “far-left policies.”

Based on what they have heard from residents, according to Myhre, the recurring theme is: “Hold the line on spending, treat us with respect, and do not allow us to become a sanctuary town.”

The Conservatives believe in upholding federal immigration laws and repealing “burdensome” ordinances to ensure local businesses can thrive while maintaining the quality of life and classic landscape of the community. —V.F.

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