Stafford Elects Conservative Republicans Myhre and His Team

General Election Update
Nov 06, 2018

Stafford Township welcomes new Republican mayor Greg Myhre and council members Thomas Steadman, Anthony Guariglia, Michael Pfancook, George Williams, Robert Henken-Siefken and Paul Krier to the governing body. Myhre received 6,404 votes (56 percent) to Democratic challenger Joe Mangino’s 5,086 (44 percent).

For the six seats on council, Steadman lead with 6,485 votes, followed by running mates Pfancook (6,416), Guariglia (6,391), Krier (6,320), Williams (6,297) and Henken-Siefken (6,227).

Votes for the unsuccessful Democrat candidates, as of Wednesday with all 21 precincts counted, showed Nicole Downs with 4,609, followed by running mates Joanne Sitek (4,589), Brian White (4,550), Chris Marzullo (4,501), Kevin Teeple (4,491) and Denise Pobicki (4,485).

It took over two hours for the results to be posted to the Ocean County Clerk’s Office website after the polls closed Tuesday night, long after the rest of the municipal voting districts in Ocean County had reported. On Wednesday, the count showed 11,503 residents cast ballots for a new mayor.

Election Day brought to an end a lively campaign season in which even the sitting mayor got involved.

Mayor John Spodofora and his entire council were essentially voted out of office in the June primary election, which was swept by the Conservative Republican team led by Myhre.

The Democratic ticket got on the general election ballot with a write-in campaign. Meanwhile, Joe Mangino officially changed his affiliation from Independent to Democrat in order to jump on the Democratic ticket as the mayoral candidate.

Both sides embarked on an enthusiastic canvassing adventure, going door-to-door talking to residents. Each team is comprised mostly of people with little to no experience in running a town, with the exceptions of Democrat Joanne Sitek and Republican Paul Krier.

In October, Spodofora dropped a bombshell by announcing his resignation from the Regular Republican Club in order to endorse Mangino.

Both mayoral candidates promised an administration with the people’s best interests in mind. —V.F.

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