Stafford School Board Approves Financial Changes for Referendum Work Projects

Jul 25, 2018

In what turned out to be a brisk four-minute, 55-second meeting with few individuals occupying seats inside the Stafford Township Arts Center, on July 18 the Stafford Township Board of Education may have broken a record for the quickest meeting. But despite the brevity, several important business maneuvers were approved.

As work initially planned in accordance with the referendum of 2016 continues to move forward, the board most recently approved a pair of change orders with regard to specific improvement projects – one a reduction in allotments and the other an addition.

The first among the approved measures called for a reduction of $21,152.48 for the unused project allowance doled out to Gaudelli Brothers Inc. with regard to a chiller and roof-top unit that were installed as part of the upgrades for the McKinley School’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

The second called for an increase of $35,139.96 to Levy Construction Co. to furnish and install security film on existing doors, along with the installation of three new doors, associated hardware and security film as part of the McKinley door-replacement project.

“The Gaudelli Brothers contract came in under budget, so that’s a savings to the district,” Stafford District Business Administrator Dan Smith explained after the meeting. “There was a work allowance that wasn’t used, so we were able to reduce the payment toward the project.

“For the second change order, half of the amount is for the security film on the glass of all the exterior doors, and the other half (is) for three cafeteria doors, which, for some reason, were not included in the original plans. Somehow, the three doors were missed on the original scope, and we didn’t notice until the work was underway.”

Also, in accordance with recent state Department of Education guidance on 2018-19 state aid, the board amended its plan to purchase 54 school buses, reducing the number by one, for the 2018-19 school year – a change that reduces the assigned budget value by $122,322 – and instead will adjust its vehicle replacement schedule for the 2019-20 school year.

David Biggy

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