Stafford School District Donating Bus to Ocean County Sheriff’s Office

Aug 08, 2018

Recently, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office was on the lookout for a used school bus so it could be transformed into a multi-patient medical needs transport vehicle, otherwise known as an AmbuBus. The Stafford Township School District came through.

“One of our buses was scheduled to be retired, and we’re replacing that bus,” said Superintendent George Chidiac. “Normally we’d keep that bus around for a while, to use it for parts or whatever. But it still has many years of life left, so instead of keeping it, we’re donating it.”

Through a grant, the sheriff’s office was able to acquire a bus and make the necessary conversions so it can move anyone who is in critical condition from one location to another, should the need arise following any natural disaster or loss of power that any area in Ocean County sustains.

According to the sheriff’s office solicitation message, the bus also will be utilized as part of the EMS Task Force of New Jersey, which offers the state “a highly trained, equipped and specialized EMS resource to support operations at major incidents and pre-planned events using a well-coordinated, robust, all-hazards approach through the state’s Emergency Management System.”

The AmbuBus kit from First Line Technology is “an effective solution for mass evacuation and transport of functional needs patients, casualties and others who require non-ambulatory transport.” The medical ambulance bus will be equipped with the capability to transport up to 18 stretchers, along with six operators and their medical support gear. Bergen County recently converted a school bus into an AmbuBus.

“It’s a really cool thing the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department is doing, and it’s great that we have the ability to help,” Chidiac said. “From what I’ve seen, it seems the AmbuBus program is a huge benefit to the community, and this is just our way to give back. We’re replacing the bus anyway, so it may as well be used for something better than sitting around our bus yard for parts.”

Chidiac said the bus, still worth thousands of dollars, will be purchased by the sheriff’s office for $1 and the bus will be delivered during the next few weeks, prior to the start of the new school year.

— David Biggy

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