Stand in Line

Aug 29, 2018

To the Editor:

The following is a response to the poem “Crying in the Night,” 8/22.

Children crying in the night

Breaks our hearts ... that can’t be right.

So, who should bear the guilt and shame?

The children’s parents are to blame.


They came by night, they came by day

By foot, by truck, some lawless way ...

With no regard for border rules

Some scaled the wall ... illegal fools.


Some give up ... while others run.

Some expire ’neath scorching sun.

The good-intentioned yearn to stay,

Working hard for little pay. 


Come one, come all, to our great shores;

You’ll find a land of open doors.

But, stand in line as others do

And Uncle Sam will tend to you. 


And, while we welcome every kind;

There are some facts to keep in mind,

The things for sure we won’t abide

Are drugs and gangs and crimes you hide.


Laws protect us – one and all,

The rich, the poor, the short, the tall.

In foreign lands we’ve shed our blood

And given aid in fire and flood.


So, dear child who cries at night,

We do regret your awful plight.

But, look not past your mom and dad,

They’re the ones who’ve made you sad.   

S. Fox

Little Egg Harbor





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