Standard Policy

Aug 31, 2016

To the Editor:

To the extent that Mr. Daly’s anger (“‘Not for the Public,’” 8/24) comes from our admittedly blunt answer, I apologize.

The response, however, remains the same: We do not share copies of complete presentations, unless the recipient is another museum or known researcher in the field. This is standard policy for nearly all museums and derives from the ethics and legalities of copyright law. The source materials in our museum are always available for public viewing, and our policy regarding copies and photographs of museum exhibits is very liberal.

Mr. Daly emailed us. He is not on our active member list, and we do not know him, or if he is what he claims to be. A digital presentation can easily end up on eBay for sale, which would violate the trust that Nat Ewer, Jeanette Lloyd, the Maritime Museum, the Beach Haven Library and others had in the LBI Museum when they shared their images with us for this presentation.

Ron Marr, president

Long Beach Island Historical Association


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