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Sep 06, 2017

To the Editor:

I was very disappointed to read the Surflight Theater review (“Surflight Theatre’s ‘Hairspray’ Arrives with a Timely Theme” 8/23). To interject a subjective political opinion in the article is in very bad taste and a very bad decision from the writer.

His comment regarding President Trump and pouring gasoline onto the racial issues present today was extremely offensive and nothing more than his opinion. If I want political commentary I will not search for it in his articles.

He should have the self-discipline to stay on his topic (theater) and not venture into the media’s total obsession with trashing the president. It reflects very poorly on him as a professional and continues to deteriorate the public’s confidence in the media.

Please see that your writers write on topic, and not put forth their personal political agenda under the guise of non-political SandPaper articles.

Karen Chmiel

Ship Bottom


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