Stockton Students to Exhibit Photos in Manahawkin Dec. 6

Dec 04, 2018
Photo by: Joseph Nardo

Students in Stockton professor Arnaldo Cordero-Roman’s Documentary Photography class will share their photos and tell the stories behind them at an exhibit on Thursday, Dec. 6, 5:30 p.m., at the university’s Manahawkin instructional site.

Cordero-Roman said the photos are very different and students approached their themes in different ways.

“What I really enjoyed was that these students all have different majors and interests,” he said.

Among the project themes during the semester were images through history, popular culture, cultural encounters and ethnicity, and women in photography.

Each student created a portfolio of images. The greatest challenge, Cordero-Roman said, was choosing which to display in the exhibit. The imagery includes natural settings, urban scenes and retold fairy tales.

Brandon Alva, a biology major, described his photo of a street scene: Morning, overcast, with the occasional break of clear sky. Strolling through the cobblestone streets of Lagosh. A man plays his guitar for hours. An observer suggests he must be tired from working all day; he replies, “Has it been a full day already?” and laughs while taking a drag from his cigarette.

Elizabeth Stott, a health sciences major, took her photo of a fish at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

“The photo was taken in one of their Japanese Gardens, where there is a pond filled with koi fish,” she said in her description. “I happened to see that the clouds were reflecting off the water and took a quick shot. The little white spikes were not edited into the photo, but they are one of my favorite parts because they give it more character. I love how the fish looks as if it is in space.”

Other students participating in the exhibit are Summer Bleich, Katrina Bloch, Corey Cusak, Kyle Cann, Jessica Davies, Joseph Nardo, James Richards, Kevin Siniski, Kristoffer Thomas, Marissa Viscardi and Amanda Volk.

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