Stop Name Calling and Listen – Why I Voted for the Trump Idea

By ROBERT PADOVANO | Jul 04, 2018

This morning I woke up early and had some extra time to kill before going off to work, so I opened Facebook to see if anything interesting was posted. Maybe I should have looked at Instagram instead!

A long-time friend of mine had posted what I have copied below:

“I think I have figured out this whole #DH Thing. Seriously he simply tapped into the less intelligent among us and has held their attention through sheer ignorance.” (I believe DH means D**k Head.)

Well, being that I did not vote for Hillary, I am led to assume that I am one of the “less intelligent.” I thought about this all day as it played out in my mind and just needed to address how I feel about his comment.

The first thing I felt was: “Is this how he thinks about me?” We have been friends for some 30 years and although I rarely agree with his political views I have never crossed that line where my opinion made me think of him as less a person than myself. I can understand now how you can lose friends over political views and why many avoid talking about the subject in mixed company, let alone on a public platform like Facebook.

The second thing that crossed my mind was how divided we have all become over our beliefs as to what kind of country we should be living in. Or more so, who runs our country. I have learned one valuable lesson if any: that nothing, absolutely nothing, that our past presidents from Carter to Trump have done has affected my life enough that I now need to attack others because of their position.

I have in the past and still do today wake up every morning in the greatest country on Earth, in a home with people I love, with hard-earned money in my bank account and at least one nice car in my driveway. My family and friends can say the same thing if they just take the time to think about life since they were old enough to vote.

I am, however, not naive enough to think that some families weren’t affected by the loss of a child due to unnecessary wars that were because of decisions beyond the normal person’s control. Yes, some presidents have made horrible decisions and we really have no way to undo what was done, but we can try by voting them out the next chance we get.

Honestly, I spent eight years living under the Obama presidency and I was so stressed out about how I felt the country was changing. But when I sat back, took a breath and really thought about my life, nothing had changed except I chose to stress over something I had little control over.

I am what I believe to be a conservative, constitutional-minded, independent voter. I no longer consider myself a Republican, as I did in the past. What I do know is both parties are useless and if Trump was right about just one thing, our government needs to change. The “swamp” needs to be drained, as he has said many times. I have come to realize that it isn’t which party will do the most for the country, because they could all care less about us. What has Congress done for our country that works? Social Security? Medicare? Vet benefits? Have they balanced the budget? What about health care? That’s the best example yet. They shove something down our throats and they don’t have to be part of it. They continue to enjoy their “Cadillac plan” on us while we all worry over how we are going to afford our insurance this year.

I guess the point of all this is that when I read what my friend wrote I wondered how he doesn’t see the corruption that I see, how he doesn’t believe it’s both parties using our tax dollars to grow our government larger than ever to keep them in their cushy jobs. Does he not see how they all have career jobs and they don’t have to solve one problem? They aren’t accountable to anyone anymore. How is he not as angry at them as he is toward me and those who voted differently than he did?

I really don’t see how anyone, Democrat or Republican, can honestly think their party is better enabled to fix this mess. They all created it. And that is what takes me to my last point.

I voted for Trump. Unfortunately, I voted for the idea and got Trump. Do I believe he is the be-all-and-end-all? No, absolutely not. In fact, I wrote a letter to him prior to the election expressing my feelings about how he speaks to others and carries himself. No, I am not proud of how our president presents himself. But I didn’t vote for Trump as much as I voted to end the bull**** that goes on in Washington.

I voted for a person who did not spend his entire life living off taxpayer dollars. I voted for a man who, like it or not, grew a business and through that business gave others the opportunity to earn a living. I voted for the Constitution. I voted for what America was supposed to be and what our forefathers meant for it to be.

You see, I can talk politics with anyone who respects my right to an opinion and doesn’t call me names because of it. I don’t have to agree with you, but I do have to respect how you feel ­– that is, if I expect to be your friend.

My friend says he’s a proud liberal. What exactly is that? I am guessing that Robert De Niro is a proud liberal, too. How does anyone in this country respect that man after what he said about the president of his country? If this was done to Obama it would have been on every network and De Niro would be blackballed from Hollywood. Just check out Roseanne if you don’t believe it. Is this what we have come to?

When I speak to liberals about Obama’s vision of America and why I didn’t agree with it, I am called a racist. When I vote for Trump I am called “less intelligent.” So to be a liberal, I guess I would need to turn my cheek to others who don’t agree with my views, then insult them as I walk away. I sure hope liberals enjoy each other’s company because soon enough they will be the only ones that will hang with them.

This great divide isn’t just because of its people; it’s because of its politicians. They are dividing us and the great many of us are like sheep just following along. This is what they feed on. They divide us, keep us off balance with crap that doesn’t matter while all the time they deceive and lie to us. When will the people of this country wake up and stop being angry with each other and turn their focus to all the people who have been playing us for decades and hold them accountable and jail the ones deserving of such? The Ryans, Pelosis and the like all need to go because each time one loses his or her seat, our great divide gets that much smaller.

Robert Padovano lives in Manahawkin.




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