Photo Essay

Surf City Fire Co. Officially Welcomes New Trucks

Sep 14, 2016
Photo by: Marjorie Amon

The Surf City Volunteer Fire Co. and EMS held a parade and housing to officially welcome their new rescue engine and high water/special operations truck on Saturday, Sept. 10.

(Photos by: Marjorie Amon)
Firefighters' wives wave from one of the trucks during the parade.
Darrin Markoski whose dad, also named Darrin Markoski, is a firefighter with the Beach Haven Fire Department.
Emil TumSuden, a past fire chief of the Surf City Fire Department at the wheel of the new fire truck.
(Photos by: Marjorie Amon)
Firefighters pushing the truck into the garage. The reason for this dates back to when fire trucks were pulled by horses. After the horses were unhitched the men had to push the truck back into the garage themselves.
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