Surfboard Forward

Aug 31, 2016

To the Editor:

Just beyond the waves early one July morning were two surfers sitting on their boards and chatting. One was a young novice, the other an experienced, mature man. Keeping a watchful eye from a bench high upon the dune was the mother of the young surfer. The result of this rendezvous at sea was the exchange of phone numbers and addresses and the decision that the young surfer needed a longer board. A few weeks later the man appeared with just such a board.

Printed below is a copy of the note that accompanied the surfboard.

August 18, 2016

Dear Jacob,

A few weeks ago you made a positive impression on me. Learning a little about you and your surfing aspirations led me to consider passing my surfboard forward to you.

If you accept this board, it comes with some rules:

1. You can never accept money for this board. You can trade it for something that better suits you or you can gift it forward.

2. Always show kindness and humility when riding this board. Do your best to foster the brotherhood of surfing in the line-up.

3. When your circumstances allow, pay this gesture forward as many times possible.

4. Always respect the ocean and her gifts.

I, humbly hope that you will accept this board with these conditions. Sincerely and fraternally in the brotherhood of surfing, Scott

Let’s all consider “playing it forward” with these rules. An act of kindness is always needed.

Charles Moffett

Beach Haven

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