Surflight Suggestion

May 01, 2017

To the Editor:

We are so very pleased that Surflight Theatre is returning to Beach Haven and LBI. We fully expect to support its offerings as we did in the past. We have a suggestion, which we hope the management will consider seriously.

While we realize that Surflight will provide children’s theater, many families who vacation on LBI have children and youngish adults who are too old for children’s theater and are very ready for “adult” theater. However, ticket prices for a family of four or five can be daunting at $39 per ticket.

Would it be possible for Surflight to offer one or two performances during each run which would be called “Family Nights” or “Family Matinees” where children up to age 16 accompanied by a full-paying adult could attend for half price? We think it would go a long way toward good will and toward building up a future audience for theater in general and toward filling seats on what might be what would be considered an “off” day or night sometime during the run of each show.

Again, bravo for the return of Surflight. Now let’s do something different and special!

Arlene and Fred Schragger

Harvey Cedars


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