Suyat Delivers Reggae Pop Covers With a Side of Aloha Spirit at Sea Shell

Jun 14, 2017
Courtesy of: Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club/Instagram

The “aloha” spirit permeated the Sea Shell Resort and Beach Club in Beach Haven Saturday night when the Suyat Band brought its reggae-pop fusion, with Hawaiian flair, to popular songs at the nightclub scene.

The name comes from the lead singer and ukulele player, Matthew Suyat, an Apollo winner and American Idol Top 24 male vocalist. A native of Hawaii, Suyat brings the West Coast sound to his East Coast band. The other members of the band are Kyle Hill, vocals, piano and sax; Conner Coffey, trombone and percussion; Gabe Gilch, trumpet; Jeff Little, bass; Oscar Rodriguez, guitar; and Kevin Giamo, drums. The members studied music in college, where they were classically and jazz trained.

The Suyat Band brings a variety of influences to its music.

“Some (members) like pop, some like rock,” Hill said. “Since we play so many different things, it doesn’t matter what we like. It all fuses together.” It’s no surprise, then, the music has a distinct originality.

The boys say they bring something uncommon to the East Coast. “We’re doing something different,” Hill said. “There’s so many great bands out there, and a lot of cover bands sound similar, but we definitely have a unique sound to us.” Reggae and Hawaiian-influenced music are common on the West Coast, and The Suyat Band has a refreshing take to the songs people know and love.

While they play all over the Jersey Shore, with The Sea Shell being one of their favorites, the band will be touring Hawaii this summer as well.

The Suyat Band’s sets have a summery feel, making them a solid choice for a night out. The varied influences are prominent as they play, keeping things upbeat and exciting. The band’s energy is palpable yet relaxing ­at the same time.

Suyat will return to The Sea Shell on July 22 and 29. In the meantime, check out The Suyat Band on Apple iTunes and Spotify.

—Kimberly Bodine

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