‘Swamp’ Politics

Feb 08, 2017

To the Editor:

Regarding the Pinelands Regional School District referendum of Jan. 24, why was a second referendum allowed so soon after it was voted down? Should we have another Nov. 8 general election so we can get a different result? This is just another example of “swamp” politics.

And why was January chosen for this referendum? Could it be that Pinelands knew that many of our senior citizens are snowbirds who reside in Florida at this time? I have friends there who probably never knew about this second referendum. And if this second referendum hadn’t been approved, how soon would you call for another one, knowing that those missing seniors would return by May? Remember, without its senior citizens, these towns would have to close down, along with their schools.

I am a senior citizen who’s tired of paying more and more taxes.

James J. D’Amico

Little Egg Harbor


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