Swipe System Works

Jul 05, 2017

To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Aaron’s letter in the June 21 edition (“Dog Park Growls”), he is wrong on all accounts about the card swipe security system being “unnecessary and stupid.” There’s nothing stupid about attempting to stop aggressive dog attacks. This, at least, helps to decrease that risk.

And, yes, Mr. Aaron, dog attacks happen frequently, due to aggressive dogs and their inattentive owners paying more attention to their phones and conversation than watching and interacting with their dogs. I personally know of such an attack, recently, that required medical intervention to an innocent dog that was there to run and play with her owner.

Every pet and travel publication consistently states that when traveling with pets, you should pack your pet’s veterinary documents in case of a medical emergency. Any responsible dog owner should know this.

Not only do I totally agree with Barnegat Light’s decision to put in a card-swipe system, and the fee for out-of-town residents, I just proposed the same type of system for the Brant Beach/LBT dog park two weeks ago to the president of the Brant Beach Homeowners Association, who submitted my letter (excerpts below) to the township administrator for review:

Beach badges were brought up last year as entry into the park. No good!

# 1 - I like Barnegat Light’s swipe card system. Free to residents of LBT with presentation of up-to-date registered dog license (since inoculations are required to obtain dog licenses in any town). Since BL started a fee system for out-of-town residents, they are all now flocking to LBT, and so are mainlanders, who have no other place to take their dogs. This park is too small to handle about 17 miles (12 of which is LBT) of resident dogs plus the mainland. Any paid fees can go to maintenance of the field.

# 2 – Because of the fact that the park is so small, I’d like to see designated times for small dogs and big dogs, one hour for each size, at one point during the day, be it morning or late afternoon. The rest of the time, it’s open for intermingling.

It’s only a matter of time before there are out-of-control attacks. I’ve used the park on occasion, and have had “over friendly” dogs get a little too friendly with mine, and the owners not doing anything about their oversized “friendly, happy go lucky” dogs cornering my little one. I had to leave. Little dogs (especially puppies/young) also need to run and exercise.

With no access to the beach for five months, that’s a long time not to be able to run freely. Now that we have that option with the dog park, it would be nice to know there’s at least a designated time during the day where our dogs can be safe to run and play.

Mr. Aaron, is your dog not worth the $30 fee for the year to access the Barnegat Light dog park? It’s no different than purchasing a beach badge for the season. Be a sport and treat your dog, if the park is that important to you.

Hope Gardiner

Brant Beach

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