Take Responsibility

May 16, 2018

To the Editor:

I believe the purpose of a newspaper is to inform and educate. I expect it to be responsible for providing a venue for people to be heard, no matter how marginalized or invisible their voice.

After reading the two articles by Victoria Ford, “Gender Identity a Journey of Understanding” and “Transgender Student Set Precedent for Using Restroom of Choice,” I am pleased to say The SandPaper has met my expectations. 

As a part of the global community, it is my responsibility to educate myself about new issues. After reading the articles I felt extremely uncomfortable about my lack of awareness of the injustice and inequity certain people go through and the power and privilege I am afforded because I am a cisgender person. It also made me realize the responsibility I have to educate myself and others because of this privilege and power. 

I could be like S. Fox (“Gender Issues, Bathrooms: Too Much Information,” 5/9) and say it doesn’t matter to me because it doesn’t affect me, and marginalized people don’t count. However, I know injustice and discrimination are wrong. It is everyone’s responsibility to create an equitable and just world filled with respect for one another.

Patricia Dolcimascolo

Manchester Township, N.J.



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