Take Us for Granite

Sep 14, 2018

Take Us For Granite LLC has a new location, at 235 Route 9, Forked River. The company invites the public to visit its showroom, with 300 slabs of quality marble, granite and fabricated quartz to choose from, and focused customer service from consultation to completion.

Take Us For Granite is a countertop-making company whose team works quickly and reliably to install stone, marble and granite countertops. It also fabricates the countertops at the facility in Forked River, said owner Daniel Clappsy.

Not only kitchens but bathrooms, fireplace surrounds and outside kitchens and fireplaces are becoming standouts by stone transformation.

“Our countertops experts have a passion for stone that is evident through our careful process. Our clients’ satisfaction with each install is the driving force behind our success,” summarizes the company website.

“We have over 20 years in the granite business. We oversee each and every project to ensure the fabrication and installation of your countertops are done to the proper specifications every single time.”

Cabinetry is also a specialty within a stop at the company showroom. Steve Nych of Kitchens By Brink works alongside Take Us For Granite to give clients the countertop-cabinetry package. The showroom displays the cabinetry. Whites and grays are on trend right now, but the woods plus black are also popular.

“All the countertops are done on site,” added Clappsy. “The same people who you ordered it from will take your order and fabricate it here. We’re doing all the work, and we’re installing it.”

Cranes are available to lift the big pieces up into the house.

When customers make their choices, they can see what the selections will look like in their home via advanced design software in the company office.

“At Take Us For Granite LLC we provide an enjoyable experience from concept to completion, which will result in beauty that you can enjoy for years to come,” invites the website, where more details can be found at takeusforgranitellc.com.

Clappsy said a lifetime warranty applies. “If something happens, we’re always there for people.”

Each material possesses its own strengths.

For those who love marble, its classic beauty comes in many color and patterns. “They are strong, durable, and heat resistant, and they are also easy to clean. Additionally, they will add value to your home,” says the website.

The company works with the major manufacturers of quartz products, including Cambria, Silestone and Caesarstone.

Says the website, “Stone countertops look great in any home. Certain kinds, such as engineered stone, are extremely durable, since they are made out of a quartz material. … Engineered stone countertops are also very hard, almost as hard as granite, which means they will be very crack-resistant. They are also resistant to heat.”

Lovers of granite say it will never go out of style. “Granite countertops are beautiful and will instantly add value to your home,” notes the website. “It is also a clean material that will not cling to bacteria, making cleanup a snap.”

When customers inquire about qualities of marble vs. granite, Clappsy starts by saying, “They’re both very good in their own right. They’re both stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant; it’s just that for quartz you have to let people know, heat-resistant to a point. If you take something too hot out of the oven, you’re going to scorch it.” By comparison, “anything hot out of the oven can go onto granite,” he said.

Sealing is another topic that the professionals can answer, and they have good news. Quartz does not have to be sealed, making it maintenance-free, Clappsy said. “Granite, you used to have to seal every year; now we have 15-year sealer, so granite is really maintenance-free now, too. You really don’t have to worry about maintaining it.”

The process starts by visiting the showroom – see Dan for granite and Steve for countertops, Clappsy said.

“We strive to make our clients happy.”

The office phone number is 609-622-2188.

— Maria Scandale

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