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Oct 22, 2018

To the Editor:

I read with interest some of the letters in The SandPaper from people attacking me for endorsing a Democrat (Joe Mangino) for mayor in Stafford. An election should not be about personal attacks and lies, half truths and misinformation. Candidates need to be talking about the issues, they need to understand the needs of the people, and most of all they need to be honest with their constituents.

I offered to talk to both candidates running for mayor only because I feel it is important for them to understand the workings of the township. They need to have knowledge of long-term infrastructure programs, new FEMA flood maps, etc. We need to make sure Beach Haven West is not put back into a “V” zone, as it would impact the entire town.

There is so much to learn. Neither candidate for mayor has ever held any political office, and regardless of who wins in November, that person must make responsible decisions. Yet only Joe Mangino came to meet with me to learn about the town. Mr. Krier (who also voted against a Beach Haven West community center) in his letter (“Self-Serving Comments,” 10/17) wants to claim that I was “strategizing” with Joe about the election.

Another small group of individuals is angry because the township would not build them their own community center in Beach Haven West. The town simply does not need to spend the funds to construct a building in a flood zone that we don’t need. There is so much misleading information in Jeanine Sciglitano’s letter (“Shocking Endorsement,” 10/17)  that it would take too long to address all those vicious attacks and misrepresentations.

Simply put, Stafford is one community; we all pay taxes based on the value of our homes; we all get equal treatment regardless of where we live. If your waterfront house is worth 50 percent more than the same house inland, it does not mandate the rest of the town should pay higher taxes so you can have special treatment. If this small group wants to support the Republican candidates because they think they will get special treatment, it is up to them.

At the municipal level, we need to vote for the best candidate, not the party. From the freeholders on up, I voted for all Republicans. This is about picking the best people to lead Stafford for the next three years; it is a choice between two groups. The Mangino team has demonstrated respect, a commitment to Stafford, honesty and a willingness to be transparent to our voters. That is why I support them.

John R. Spodofora, mayor

Stafford Township

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