Talking Trash: Ship Bottom Looking to Make Changes to Garbage Contract

Jan 31, 2018

Ship Bottom officials hope to address some of the more obvious issues with the borough’s garbage pickup by amending its contractual needs before going out to bid and awarding a new one this spring. The current five-year contract is set to expire May 1.

“We want some things to change,” Kathleen Flanagan, chief financial officer, told the council at its monthly meeting last week. She is working with Borough Attorney Christopher J. Connors to make those changes.

Councilman David Hartman, who chairs the finance committee, said they don’t know what those changes will add to the cost of the contract. Still, a majority recognized something needs to give.

“This morning was typical,” Mark Pino, borough administrator, said of the Jan. 23 trash collection. “Everyone but one residence on a street had their garbage picked up.”

The truck was still in town, he noted, so it doubled back to collect trash from the residence it had missed, Pino said.

As Flanagan explained, the garbage collectors know who the locals are, and almost never miss collecting trash from those homes. The problem is with seasonal homeowners who might come down for a weekend or longer during the offseason, she said. Sometimes the garbage doesn’t get picked up.

“We want someone (a supervisor) in town when the trucks are in town,” she said, noting that right now, the garbage collection company, based in North Plainfield, has a supervisor stationed in the region but not on the Island. The company handles trash collection for several Island communities, Flanagan said.

She also noted there are some items in the contract that cannot be changed, like the length. A garbage collection contract must be five years, she said. —G.G.S.

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