Talking Turkey: Organic, That Is

Nov 08, 2017

Many people are a lot more thankful about what they’re eating when it’s certified organic.

That’s why organic turkeys fly off of the pre-Thanksgiving ordered stock from Pangaea Naturals.

“Our customers claim these are the best turkeys they have ever tasted,” said Becky Tarditi, owner with her husband, Michael Greenblatt, of the store in the Manahawkin Mart shops at 657 East Bay Ave., Manahawkin.

Plainville Farms is the brand the store gets in fresh, never frozen, raised in the Lancaster, Pa.,  Amish area.

“Our purveyor receives the turkeys on Saturday, sorts on Sunday, and we receive them on Monday – really, really fresh,” said Tarditi.

Only a few are left from the reserve that the store pre-ordered, they have proven to be so popular.

Why do people go organic? Superb taste and a wholesome, natural product raised responsibly, say aficionados.

Plainville Farms’ heritage began in central New York in 1835. Six generations later, its reputation for growing turkeys humanely and free of antibiotics is well respected.

The company says its growing methods “drew the attention of consumers who became more concerned about where their food comes from, how the animals are treated, and the grower’s environmental responsibility.”

More specifically, the USDA-certified organic and Quality Assurance International-certified turkeys from the company are all-natural (nothing artificial about these breasts, or the rest of the turkey, either); have no artificial ingredients; have never been administered antibiotics; are fed an all-vegetarian diet of organic corn and soybean meal along with vitamins, minerals and amino acids; and are humanely raised free-range on family farms in a stress-free environment. For those who wonder, they are raised without added growth hormones, however federal regulations do not permit the use of artificial growth hormones in poultry anyway.  —M.S.



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