Tax Sleight of Hand

Dec 06, 2017

To the Editor:

The barbarians are no longer at the gate; they’ve broken through it. The Republicans in the U.S Senate along with their Republican colleagues in the House have just engineered the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of this country.

I’m an Independent and have limited respect for the Democrats who have shown little leadership in their opposition. Anyone who accepts the disproven mumbo-jumbo of trickle-down economics that will pay for these cuts is delusional.

New Jersey has 12 members in the House representing both parties. Only one of the 12 voted for the House tax “reform” bill – Congressman MacArthur. His district has many seniors destined to suffer financially from this legislation and from proposed reductions in Medicare and Medicaid to be used to help pay for this transfer of wealth.

Citizens, they are shameless and disingenuous. Open your eyes and minds to this sleight of hand. It is happening.

Richard N. Binetsky

Harvey Cedars

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