Taxpayer Theft

May 23, 2018

To the Editor:

On April 26, the Little Egg Harbor Township Committee, with only two votes (Gormley and Crea were conflicted out and Dave Schlick was an adamant no vote), passed ordinances perpetuating the deplorable six-figure theft of taxpayer dollars, allowing the Public Works Department to continue pickup of trash at 38 businesses in town, just because they have always done it!

Seventeen of those businesses, including the mayor’s, get Dumpsters picked up, not just our blue cans. This tax break to those businesses costs the township over $242,000, per Committeeman Schlick.

Township residents are paying for it, period. It is just wrong! This pickup has no economic rationalization or explanation other than we always have done it. And the committee knows it. The only way off the list is to sell the business.

It just screams that certain elements that run this town use it as their own personal bank account. This action is right in front of people’s eyes. But with enough noise, it can be reversed and corrected.

Just because the mayor and deputy mayor could recuse themselves due to conflict, they should not condone this self-serving thievery of the tax coffers.

Ed Nuttall

Little Egg Harbor

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