Terrible Idea

Jan 30, 2019

To the Editor:

To understand why efforts to raise the minimum wage are a terrible idea, we must understand what a minimum wage is and why it ever existed.

First, it’s not a living wage, never was, and will never be. Average minimum salaries, like all wages, are established by the market.

Studies have shown that such increases actually evaporate over time due to inflation. Employees fortunate enough to earn a few extra dollars can look forward to a cut in their work hours.

The current generous political plan being sold by the liberal government and unions is for political gain.

In my first job as a graphic designer in 1957 I earned $51 for a 40-hour week, take home. In a year, I received a raise to $90 a week based on my work performance. It was not a handout.

Sal Sorce


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