Terrorists Homegrown

Feb 22, 2017

To the Editor:

Forty-eight U.S. Jewish centers have received bomb threats in the past month. These threats started on the East Coast and spread west, culminating in the evacuation of 14 centers since Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Why is the president not concerned with homegrown terrorists? Why is he banning people from countries that have never sent anyone to the U.S. to do something destructive – people who were vetted for two to three years before they were given a pass to come here?

Why again is he not looking at the terrorists in our midst (white supremacists, KKK, etc.)? Some are merely a hoax, but evacuating little children, K through 6, is not fun and games. These are sick people who do this. All we need is for them to follow through just one time and we have a real massacre.

Has our president even mentioned this? No, he is too busy worrying about his numbers and votes.

Is this a president of all the people or just those who can do something for him? Perhaps he should be concerned. His own grandchildren are Jewish and could be in harm’s way. Maybe he should take this up with National Security Council Principals Committeeman Bannon, a member of the alt-right.

Does anyone care? Even the national media isn’t reporting these events.

Never again … this is America.

Fran Zimmer

Little Egg Harbor


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