Textile Recycling Bins Benefit Long Beach Township Police Programs

Jul 25, 2018
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

Textile recycling bins located at five locations on Long Beach Island not only provide an avenue for unwanted clothing and shoes, but also benefit programs offered by the Long Beach Township Police Department, which placed the bins on LBI a few years ago.

Clean textiles – including tablecloths, sheets, comforters, bedspreads, towels and handbags, in addition to clothes and shoes – can be placed in bins located at the Barnegat Light Recycling Center, at West 10th Street; the Long Beach Township Public Works Yard, at 7910 Long Beach Blvd. in Beach Haven Crest; the township transportation lot, near the Peahala Park tennis courts and Acme, at 9600 Long Beach Blvd. in Beach Haven Park; the Just Bead It parking lot, at 1305 Long Beach Blvd. in North Beach Haven; and the Sea Spray Motel, at 2600 South Long Beach Blvd. in Holgate.

The bins are monitored by the township police, and Textile Recovery Services Inc. empties them on a regular basis, at no cost to the municipality.

“Textile recycling provides a convenient method for people to properly account for unwanted clothing and shoes, keeping those items separate from overcrowded landfills and helping to keep clothing dyes from entering endangered aquifers,” the company explains.

Earlier this summer, Megan E. Keller, community police officer for the township, pointed out that proceeds from the bins “benefit DARE NJ, the DARE and Community Policing Programs of the LBTPD, and our very own nonprofit, the Long Beach Township Police Scholarship Fund Inc., which just awarded $4,500 in scholarships to students at Pinelands, Southern and Barnegat high schools” at the end of the school year.

Do not place items outside the bins. If a bin is full, or there are any other issues with the bins, contact Keller at 609-494-3322 or mkeller@lbtpd.org.  —J.K.-H.

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