Thanks for Caring

Sep 05, 2018

To the Editor:

My husband and I visited Brant Beach (68th Street) on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 30.  We walked onto the beach and placed our chairs near the water. After about 10 minutes, the flies attacked and soon became unbearable, so we decided to leave.

I usually take the long walkway off the beach but, because of the flies, decided to leave via the hill. A  woman named Maryann offered to help us to carry our belongings up the steep incline to the beach entrance. Because I felt light-headed, I decided to wait on the bench while they returned our chairs to the car. 

While waiting, I was not aware that I fainted and had fallen off of the bench. When I came to I was surrounded by several people including my husband and Maryann. I could not get up and had to lay on the sand while being bitten by flies. Maryann got behind me to hold my head and shoulders off the sand. Someone covered me with her beach towels and others offered bottles of water to pour on my head and face. They stayed with me until the EMS arrived even though they also were being bitten by the flies. 

I sincerely want to thank everyone for staying with me and helping me during my ordeal. I don’t know your names but want you to know that I pray that God blesses you all for your kindness and caring.

Rose Frenzel


P.S.: I would like to return the beach towels but do not know who they belong to.


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