Thanksgiving Cold Snap Results in Pipe Bursts

Nov 28, 2018

The Thanksgiving Day weather felt more like January than November, and in Harvey Cedars, the borough reported 11 water pipe breaks. Police Chief Robert Burnaford said the leaks occurred in outdoor shower pipes and indoor faucets.

“People either forgot or did not yet winterize them,” said Burnaford. “It was well below freezing for two nights. As it got a little milder, the pipes expanded, and then they broke.”

In each instance, public works crews were notified. They shut the water off and then notified the homeowners.

Burnaford said it was fortunate that no major mains were broken.

“Last year in early November, we had a similar situation where it got below 20 degree and we had more than 20 water pipe breaks. We don’t usually have these problems until December. Hopefully people will start getting their homes ready for winter.”

Over the weekend, milder temperatures returned, but that brought along some wind and heavy rains.

“We had one wind gust measured at 71 miles an hour,” said Burnaford. “It stayed windy for quite a while, but fortunately, there wasn’t any damage to homes or property reported.”  E.E.

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