The Double Negatives to Release Two New Original Singles

Dec 13, 2017
Photo by: Gabe Waldman

The psychedelic indie rock band The Double Negatives, fronted by Ship Bottom’s Rob Connolly, will release two new original singles this month on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and BandCamp. The band opened the Hop Sauce Festival in June and play regularly at the Old Causeway in Manahawkin.

The lineup is Connolly on vocals, guitar and keys; Brandon Campana on lead guitar; Dimitri Almeyda on bass; Dan O’Hara on guitar and keys; and Kevin McDaniel on percussion. The role of lead can be shared by any one of three songwriters and singers in the band.

“It has been a while since we have recorded, and this is a fresh change of pace for us, musically,” Connolly said. The creative process was different for each tune.

Connolly wrote the lyrics and music for “Commas,” a song about toxic relationships – with people, objects and addictions. “It’s been a long journey with this song,” Connolly said. “I started writing it two years ago, and it started as a 6½-minute song, and over these years I’ve revised it probably 50 times to get it to where it is now.”

“My Sun Is Setting in a Very Dark and Cold Landscape (Because, As I Stated, My Sun Is Setting)” is about getting out of a long relationship and reflecting while moving ahead. It’s the band’s first one written and sung by drummer Kevin McDaniel, the only member not from the LBI area. McDaniel’s writing style is different from Connolly’s. “He usually shows up with all the parts and a full song ready for us to learn and play, while I write my parts and let the band fill in their own by themselves,” Connolly said.

The Double Negatives formed in December 2013, but just a few months later the band’s drummer, Mikey DiBernardo, passed away from a rare disorder called HLH.

The musicians parted for about a year but ultimately decided the music must continue to honor their own creative spirits and the memory of their late friend. In spring of 2015 they reconvened with a “restored desire to create and reach people with our music.” The lineup was completed by the end of that year, and by January 2016 the now five-piece band was booking shows and recording a demo. Summer saw them traveling to play in Connecticut, New York, Asbury Park and Cape May, with a new EP, Visions From a Stranger (recorded at Rock Solid Productions in Manahawkin), music video and fan base.

Today, the band is busy growing and gigging, playing in Asbury Park since the summer’s end. The big plans for 2018 include releasing six additional singles by summer and going on a 2½-week tour in March to SXSW in Austin (by way of South Carolina, across through Nashville, Tenn., to Chicago, Ill., and then south to Texas).

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