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The Double Negatives

Sep 07, 2016
Photo by: Jeff Crespi The Double Negatives

They call it indie jam rock. They aren’t long out of high school, but they have a vision (or several) that could take them far.

The Double Negatives’ five-track EP Visions from a Stranger was released in early August with a record release party Aug. 7 at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. The album, recorded and produced at Rock Solid Productions in Barnegat, is available on Spotify and on the band’s bandcamp site for $5.

The single “I Am,” released earlier this summer, is grippy in how it grabs; silky in how it hits the ear; groovy, almost trippy, in how it seems to toggle between darkness and light; at times reminiscent of Incubus, a generation ago, and of Euro-rock-poets Belle and Sebastian; and impassioned in its case for closure, e.g., “… you’re just a ghost to me now.”

The band, a self-described “ragged outfit” influenced by nature, culture, life experiences and whatnot, includes Rob Connolly on vocals, guitar and synth; Brandon Campana on guitar, vocals, keys and synth; Dimitri Almeyda on bass and percussion; Dan O’Hara on guitar and synth (and photography); and Kevin McDaniel on drums/ percussion.

The group began as a four-piece band in high school but, in their senior year, drummer Mikey DiBernardo died, and the Double Negatives parted ways for a year while members grieved and pursued other endeavors.

“We came back in the spring of 2015 with a newly restored desire to create and reach people with our music,” according to the band bio. They regrouped as a five-piece and went to work on recording the EP.

As labels, “genre” and “style” are simply what a listener takes from the music, be it “the atmospheric psychedelia, the feel of the shaking garage door panels, or the inescapable urge to move to the music.” The band’s perspective on the world as conveyed through music is meant to guide the audience toward a new and different understanding of “what is really out there.”

The Double Negatives will perform at Makers Festival Sept. 17.  —V.F.

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