200 Plus

The Test: Were You Paying Attention?

By THOMAS P. FARNER | Dec 19, 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 months since The SandPaper took its annual two-week vacation, but it has. This means, of course, the time is here for the annual “200 Plus” year-end test. There will be 25 questions and one bonus; the answers will appear in the next issue, on Jan. 9.

Here are a few hints as to the topics that were covered in 2018: The events of the Great War, Shipwrecks and the Spanish Flu epidemic. Watch out for using any fake news sources – they are misleading at best.


Choose the correct letter.

1. Most local men who trained at Camp Dix in World War I became part of this unit:  A. the Fighting 69th;  B. the Big Red One; C. the 78th Lightning Division; D. the 101st Screaming Eagles; E. the 1st Cavalry.

2. At the height of the influenza outbreak at Camp Dix, the death rate hit:  A. one every 20 minutes; B. one per hour; C. one every day; D. 10 per week; E. 25 per week.

3. In April 1918, a movie was banned and its producer sentenced to 10 years in prison. The offending picture was:  A. “Birth of a Nation”; B. “The Flapper”; C. “The Spirit of ’76”;  D. “Deep Throat”; E. “Gone with the Wind.”

4. During the summer of 1918, testing took place at Lakehurst, N.J., on: A. the use of airships;  B. the dangers of hydrogen; C. the effectiveness of poison gas; D. a new flu vaccine; E. modern tanks.

5. The largest U.S. warship sunk in American waters during World War I was: A. USS Maine; B. USS San Diego; C. Army transport Sumner; D. Lusitania; E. Sub Chaser 209.

6. In July 1918, shells from a German U-boat actually fell on an American beach located on: A. Cape Hatteras; B. Beach Haven; C. Cape Cod; D. Long Island; E. Barnegat Light.

7. Feeling that spies were aiding U-boats off the Jersey Shore, federal agents illegally broke into and searched a summer home located in: A. Barnegat Light; B. Surf City; C. Tuckerton; D. Manahawkin; E. Beach Haven.

8. When the U.S. Army dynamited the hulk of the transport Sumner, local residents claimed they damaged this Jersey landmark: A. the Steel Pier; B. Barnegat Lighthouse; C. Lucy the elephant; D. the Twin Lights; E. the Statue of Liberty.

9. This dog became the fictional mascot of the U.S. Life-Saving Services’ Ship Bottom station number 20: A. Old Yeller; B. Breeches Buoy Pontiac; C. Boatswain; D. Brumas; E. Seaman.

10. The last push in World War I for the U.S. Army took place at: A. The Somme; B. The Muse Argonne; C. The Bulge; D. Flanders; E. Gallipoli.


Match the name of the ship with its description. There will be one ship left over.

A. SS Carolina

B. USAT Sumner

C. Leviathan

D. Abiel Abbott

E. Stifinder

F. Chaparra

11. Ship Bottom lifesavers received gold medals for rescuing its crew.

12. It served a long career in the Pacific before meeting its end off LBI.

13. Ocean liner torpedoed southeast of Beach Haven.

14. Hundreds of Doughboys died on the ship when it suffered an attack of the flu on its voyage to Europe.

15. Sunk by a mine off LBI only days before the World War I armistice was announced.


16. Soldiers literally fell from the ranks as the flu struck them on the march from Camp Merritt in Bergen County to the awaiting troop ships.

17. After a 1,000-mile ordeal in a lifeboat, the crew of the Texel was rescued off Barnegat Light.

18. Ocean County was fortunate to be spared any fatalities during the 1918 flu pandemic.

19. In October 1918, the wife of the Barnegat Lighthouse keeper entered the surf to pull a lifeboat ashore.

20. In August 1918, the American Sub Chaser 209 was sunk by friendly fire off the coast of New Jersey.

21. One of the reasons the Spanish flu spread so rapidly was that the government permitted war-related rallies and parades to continue even after schools, movie theaters, etc. were closed.

22. One of the reasons Barnegat Lighthouse was in danger of being washed away in the 1920s was that the wreck of the SS Carolina had shifted the sandbar and caused erosion.

23. Many Americans wrongly celebrated the end of the war in Europe days before the formal announcement on Nov. 11, 1918.

24. The Army transport Sumner brought the body of the World War I Unknown Soldier to the United States in 1919.

25. Survivors of the SS Carolina sinking rowed ashore and landed on the beach at Asbury Park.

BONUS: On June 2, 1918, a U-boat sank five Allied ships off LBI. Name the victorious German U-boat.

Good luck! Happy holidays!!


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