The True Story

Oct 18, 2017

To the Editor:

Marianne Clemente recently labeled the Sept. 5 Barnegat Township meeting as a farce (“Complete Farce,” 9/20). Let’s table the fake news and get the true story out there.

I, as mayor, gave a verbal review of our report card and recent accomplishments made by this committee to the residents of Barnegat.

First, we congratulated the Barnegat Bandits on winning the All-Shore League championship. Oh, how terrible!

We cited the expanded teams, new fields, new lighting and concession stands, and new skate park that are making our youth proud of their home town. Horrible!

Then we mentioned new crime statistics that show Barnegat has the lowest crime rate in the area thanks to our outstanding police department. Shocking!

Somehow Ms. Clemente now wants to take credit for the new parks and ball fields. She fails to recognize that this was a community bond passed by this present committee two years ago and that she opposed. Wow!

Finally, we mentioned our code enforcer’s efforts and tickets issued and court appearances that are now discouraging slumlords from even thinking about Barnegat. Dreadful!

It is apparent Ms. Clemente does not like the list of accomplishment this committee has given to the residents.

Regarding the tax increases of the last 10 years, she fails to mention the outrageous healthcare cost increases attributed to Obamacare in the last few years that have caused hospitalization for township employees to increase 53 percent in the last five years to an outstanding $38,000 per family. She neglects to tell you that Barnegat and Stafford now have the exact same municipal tax rate of $0.901 of asset value.

She also fails to tell you that Democrats controlled the committee for a number of years she mentions.

Let’s let history tell you a little about Ms. Clemente. It’s a matter of undeniable record that Ms. Clemente sued Barnegat a few years ago. After being rejected by the public in her quest for the Democratic nomination for township committee, Clemente took our town to court. The presiding judge threw the case out. Nonetheless, the residents of Barnegat had to pay for the attorney to represent them against her baseless charges.

The same year she sued the people of Barnegat, she desecrated the Barnegat Veterans Day Parade by entering the line of march in a car decorated with her personal campaign signs. Barnegat police escorted her to the sidelines.

Is this a woman Barnegat residents should take advice from?

Al Bille






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