The Urge to Purge

By PATTY KELLY | Jun 20, 2018

Well, I finally did it! I opened my closet doors and all my drawers and purged all those things I know would no longer fit me.

My wardrobe was in deep need of purging, as I no longer could trust my friends to tell me, “Honey, you’re just too old for that outfit.” Not that I don’t trust my girlfriends to tell me when enough is enough. Sometimes you need a bigger push, like God. The church was having a clothing drive so there was no time like the present to move items to those in need and who might actually fit into them.

It was such an exhilarating feeling of catching and releasing all those size 4 or smalls. Seriously, who was I fooling other than myself? Those size days were over. I, like some others who I know may have followed down the same path, held onto those now-too-small items in hopes that one day I would suddenly get that 20-year-old body back.

Well, I have finally come into my own, which is middle age. It’s all good. As my older sister says, it’s the time in life when you’re allowed to not give a poop ... for lack of better words that are not allowed to be posted.

After completing that task of purging, I decided to take myself outside to get back into my daily workout routine of walking/jogging. It’s time to continue getting ready for the beach and that post-menopausal bathing suit. Ugh, but OK. 

It’s hard to resist a beautiful pre-summer day at the beach when the sun is shining and you can hear the waves crashing onto the beach. For most, summer appears to have unofficially arrived, and it lightens my heart as I see all the smiling faces and receive all those unconditional “hellos” from others who are as happy as I to push the winter into the past.

I could feel the stress of my day slowly unravel as I started my walk, knowing that once I got back in front of my computer I would be ready to zealously take on the day. Rewrite the whole report I just handed in? No problem, boss lady, I can handle that. Sit on a three-hour conference call? No problem, because after that call would come break-time and I would be able to take a quick walk to the beach to put my feet in the warm sand.

That little bit of rejuvenation as well as my recent clothing purge would be just enough to remind me that I had finally arrived back on LBI, the place dreams are made of.

So the moral to my story is whether you’re purging your closet, your drawers or your mind for the better good, enjoy! Purging is a way to release things that can stress you out, and who needs that on a beautiful LBI day? And it doesn’t hurt to get rid of all that old apparel that you know you’re never going to fit into again. Enjoy who you are now, as well as the sun-sation that comes with LBI. Happy unofficial summer, everybody, and welcome back. LYMI!

Patty Kelly lives in Blue Bell, Pa., and Beach Haven Park.

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