There’s a New Chill in the Air – Time for the Boots and the Birds

By WENDY McCLURE | Oct 17, 2018

Something happened over the weekend, and it wasn’t pleasant for summer lovers. The good news is we got a lot warmer weather than usual and longer than expected. The bad news is when the warm weather decided it was time to get out of town, it did it immediately.

I had the air conditioning on last Thursday night into Friday morning. When we woke up Saturday morning the thermostat said it was 64 degrees in the house. Not ideal but manageable. We had to go out of town overnight Saturday, and when we returned on Sunday morning it was 60 degrees in the house! 60! So yes, I put the heat on until it reached 67 and hoped it would stay up. Nope, it fell back down to 65 within minutes, but I suffered through.

But enough with the complaining. It is autumn, after all, and this is what happens, right? I just wish it could have come a little more gradually. But there are some good things about cooler weather and even cold nights. Here are some of mine.

I styled my curly hair on Saturday for a gathering we were attending. Guess what happened? Or rather, didn’t happen? It did not frizz for the first time in months. My hair was long and flowing and I was swinging it around, feeling pretty. Oh, and it wasn’t making me additionally hot, as it often does when I attempt to leave it down in the warmer weather.

I also got to wear one of my favorite sweaters and a pair of knee-high boots. When it comes to fashion, fall is the season! Boots, scarves, hats, jackets – oh my! It’s also acceptable for my husband to wear flannel again. He will soon dig out his sharp-looking hiking boots to wear instead of those sneakers that he seems to think go with every outfit.

I joked with my husband that he looked like a lumberjack, and it wasn’t far from the truth as he was one of the men in charge of taking care of the fire pit at our gathering. Ah yes, fire pits; ’tis the season. Is there anything better than that smell? I love gathering around the pit with a bunch of friends and a few adult beverages.

Despite my depression that summer really is over, it is a great time to be here at the Jersey Shore. It’s much quieter on the Island and in my Beach Haven West neighborhood. No more fireworks, much fewer late-night parties with loud music and noisy people. The traffic lights are off and we can once again travel up and down the Island much quicker than just a few weeks ago.

Oh, and probably my favorite part of fall, football. My husband and I have already attended a Temple University game. We will also find a competition of high school marching bands to attend because I was a band geek in high school and still am. And, of course, the NFL every Sunday. Now that the Eagles are Super Bowl champs it makes football season that much sweeter. Go, Birds! Have a happy fall, y’all!

Wendy McClure of Beach Haven West is the morning show co-host at 107.1 The Boss, heard on 99.7 in Southern Ocean County.





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