Think About It

Oct 24, 2018

To the Editor:

There is an old saying: Those who do not remember history will repeat it.

New Jersey used to sell a lot of gasoline. It was less expensive than other states. A lot of tax on gasoline was paid by people passing through or visiting. So our leaders raised it. To their surprise, less gasoline was sold, less tax collected. What did they do? Raise it again! Now most people cannot go from where they live to a job by bus or train. What happens to workers not making high income? They cut everywhere to buy gas – no choice.

How about the price of postage? 50 cents now and 55 cents in the future. Are they in La La Land? A cell phone or computer you can text for free. If important, print on paper through a cell phone or computer. Want to save the post office? Change the 25 years and out. Why can’t someone work until 62, or hold off retirement payment until then? That alone would save the post office.

Think about it.

Al Irvine


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