Time for Change

Oct 25, 2017

To the Editor:

Recently the students of Barnegat High School hosted a candidates night at the high school auditorium. It was an opportunity for the residents to hear from the Barnegat Township Committee and school board candidates.

The students of the AP U.S. Government and Politics class did a wonderful job of moderating and asking very good questions of the many candidates. The evening moved along and the students were very professional. Kudos to Ms. Koovitz and her class.

One pointed question to the township committee candidates, Dan Ward, Paul Whitcraft and Al Cirulli, was related to the congestion on Bengal Boulevard and how it is creating an unsafe condition. Mr. Cirulli, who has been on and off the committee for over 10 years, just passed it off as being what it is. The opponents, Mr. Ward and Mr. Whitcraft, encouraged that it be looked at and a solution be found.

It was then mentioned that there has been discussion about a turning lane that could resolve the problem. Dan Ward and Paul Whitcraft indicated they would be open to having that option researched and encourage moving to a solution. Mr. Cirulli again, with all of his years on the committee, just amplified how “hard” getting such things can be and that there are “rules” and “processes,”  blah, blah, blah.

I left, confirming in my mind that it is time for a change. Our one-party Barnegat Township Committee with members who have been there just too long must be diversified. Dan Ward and Paul Whitcraft  bring welcomed change and new ideas and voices to Barnegat politics. They have my support for township committee.

Ron Naples



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