Times Have Changed

Sep 14, 2016

To the Editor:

In response to Mike Almasy’s letter “Too Much Baggage,” he has a right to be confused. If he was a Democrat for 72 years he is older than me and the times have changed. I have said for years the Democratic Party is not the same. When one looks at who is running for office and the agenda she is pushing it makes me wonder if there is any hope in getting our country back.

The illegal immigration issue and national security issues are paramount for me. Sadly, with the voting age at 18, too many young people who don’t understand the real issues vote. I dare say the college grads, too, are misinformed or sadly naive. I sadly have watched the lies of Hillary be dismissed, not covered or retaliated with Trump’s refusal to release tax returns. After what happened to Romney when he released his returns, I don’t blame Trump for not releasing them. The press and CNN would perform a forensic investigation and would crucify him while ignoring Hillary’s many lies.

Mike, you are wiser than you think. Trump is our only hope now after eight years of Obama’s failed policies: Obamacare, lack of foreign leadership and support for Black Lives Matter. What will people say after eight years of Hillary, should she get elected? It was Bush’s fault still?

Ed Schwind

Haven Beach


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