To-Do List

Feb 13, 2019

To the Editor:

February on LBI – dead zone. It’s time to ...

1. Go somewhere warm.

2. Check progress on New Year’s resolutions (if you can remember them).

3. Double check to make sure you have seen all movies available on Netflix/HBO/Cinemax/Starz before canceling subscriptions.

4. Organize sock/junk drawer and closets.

5. Clean out your vehicle.

6. If you’re really ambitious, clean refrigerator.

7. Paint that room.

8. Sell excess items on FB Marketplace.

9. Walk on beach and find ... sea glass, driftwood, Jay Mann.

10. Research the best happy hour and inexpensive Uber driver or friends who “owe you one.”

11. Reconnect friendships (you should try this before #10).

12. If you become “way too good at #10,” find a 12-step program.

13. Start or rekindle a hobby.

14. Write a letter to the editor at The SandPaper.

15.  Finally, make lists and take notes of all subjects above for next winter. Then just relax and enjoy the quiet. In July you will be glad you did.

Randy Brown

Spray Beach

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