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Tone Up, Slim Down, Chill Out: Couples, Bridal Parties Can Bond Over Body-Focused Activities

Pyour Core, Pyour Pour Have Health and Wellness Covered
Feb 23, 2018

On display, posing for so many photographs – no wonder diet and fitness are top considerations in the weeks leading up to the wedding day. But at Pyour Core in Surf City, owners Carolayn and Steve Crane invite couples to consider incorporating healthful eating and exercise habits into not only their wedding plans, but also the bachelor-bachelorette festivities and, indeed, their happily married life.

Two doors down from Pyour Core is Pyour Pour, a juice/smoothie bar and café where chef Steve Crane makes everything fresh to order.

The Cranes and their staff discourage any “crash diet” idea, and they say no quick fix or spot reduction solution will transform bodies in a month before the wedding. It’s just not healthy or realistic. Six to eight weeks is a better time frame in which to work on self-improvement measures that will be noticeable and longer lasting, according to Carolayn Crane and head trainer Linda Meade.

Of course, not everyone necessarily wants to lose weight. Some just want to clean up, tone, improve their complexion, and feel their best for the big day, Crane said. In the wedding week, brides- and grooms-to-be mainly just want to feel calm, happy and in control.

For destination weddings on LBI that bring family and friends from out of town looking for activities to fill a weekend, brides, grooms and their entourages can make a day of treating their bodies to health and wellness.

Fitness is a great team-building activity, Crane said, because it’s a fun and different activity, and it breaks people out of their comfort zone. Start by selecting a private class, she suggested. A one-time session is $115 for one to three people, $38 per person for up to eight people, or $35 for nine or more.

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga is one of the most popular choices: Users will flip, swing and fly through the air without even noticing the workout, according to the description in the literature. The other available classes are Pyour Fit, a cutting-edge suspension training system with dynamic movements; Pyour Ryde, all-level cycling with “hills” and “corners”; Pyour Strength, which focuses on balance, stamina and strength using stability balls and cushions, weights and weighted bars; Pyour Mat, a total-body workout designed to stretch, lengthen, strengthen and tone; Pyour Barre 360, a vertical class introducing “3D” moves to target muscles from every direction; and Pyour Halo, a strength and balance workout using kettlebells and large stability balls.

Bridal parties tend to gravitate toward Barre and Aerial, Crane said, while groomsmen’s favorites tend be the Ryde classes, Halo and strength training.

After the bonding experience of a group workout, enjoy a wholesome catered lunch of acai bowls, paninis, soups, salads, smoothies and more. Reward hard-working muscles with a visit to the neighboring Beach House Spa for a relaxing, purifying, beautifying service. Choose from packages and add-ons ranging from a “Quick Fix” to longer massages and aromatherapy treatments for the ladies or male-targeted massages and facials (plus beard therapy!). All packages include complimentary mimosas or bellinis. Document the experience with a photo shoot by Ann Coen Photography and use the photos as gifts for the bridesmaids. Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir “Pyour Burn” or “Pyour Love” T-shirt, customized with the date of the celebration.

For couples looking to embark on a more serious health and wellness path, the perfect complement to any fitness plan is the clean meal program. Eating habits account for 85 percent of the results any person achieves, Crane said. Another important factor is consistency, Meade added.

Pyour Pour offers a three-day plan, “designed to help you lose weight and reset healthy habits,” which can serve as a one-time jumpstart or a recurring commitment three days a week. “Delicious, healthy, satisfying and affordable meals” are prepared to be picked up at convenient set times. Registered dietician Jessica Cahill works with clients to design a plan to meet their needs and sends followup recipes and snack ideas.

For $40 a day, the three-day plan includes six dairy- and gluten-free, low-calorie, high-protein shakes; three lunches and three dinners, each about 350 calories and also free of dairy and gluten; vegan options if desired; email support; and a 5 percent discount off future orders with recycled containers.

The safest long-term workout plan, according to Crane and Meade, is the “low and slow” approach – a responsible, focused workout that prevents injury.

No one wants to hobble down the aisle, Crane noted. The idea is to feel strong, not broken. Plus, “too much, too fast” just backfires as it makes quitting all the more appealing. A comprehensive, well-rounded program makes the work worth doing.

Crane lives in Beach Haven Gardens and opened the Surf City store in 2014, expanding to Pyour Pour last summer. She has all the certifications and specializes in rehabilitation for injuries and neurological conditions. The experts at Pyour Core keep files on clients (noting injuries, allergies or other special considerations) in order to serve them better. Further expertise and assistance are offered in the form of an on-site chiropractor, Ed Barbieri of Swell Life Family Chiropractic. Trainers Karin Farnham and Lara Dorne both have nursing backgrounds. Communication among the studio professionals is key for the safety and benefit of the clients.

The advice they most often give: Get your shoulders out of your ears. Breathe. Take it one day at a time. Enjoy the process. Learn every day.

Sounds like good advice for a marriage, too.

— Victoria Ford

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