Too Much Information

May 09, 2018

To the Editor:

I once heard someone say, “Smile, things could get worse, and so I smiled and, sure enough, things got worse.”

The May 2 issue contains two articles by Victoria Ford which contain more information than the general public wants or needs to know about two very well-discussed and highly controversial topics that, according to Gallup News dated January 2017, involve only about 4 percent of the population: transgender bathrooms and gender identity.

I’m certain most people realize that young and impressionable school-aged children who stare at their image in a mirror and are unhappy or ambivalent with their gender, cannot decide or choose gender-appropriate attire, have trouble deciding which restroom to go to, and receive tacit acceptance from teachers, guidance counselors and approval from parents have serious psychological gender dysphoria concerns. And they need and deserve the best counseling and psychological care available. But, in our “feel good” and “there are no wrong answers” society, 96 percent, the rest of us, must accept and adapt for fear of retribution and being labeled uncaring or bigoted.

Even more troublesome, as reported in USA Today, state governments (Washington, D.C., no less – what could possibly go wrong, as well as the “way out” liberal bastion of Oregon) are moving to recognize and accommodate this tiny third gender segment of the population by offering them the option of choosing to identify their gender with an “X.”

Knowing how much your publication admires brevity, I'll confine my comments to several sentences.

First, all I ever wanted to know about the topics of gender identity and transgender bathrooms I have already learned. There is nothing new or of value in Ms. Ford’s stories.

Despite stated requirements relative to guest columns usually “topping out” at about 1,200 words, I note with envy that Ms. Ford was able to fill up some 58.5 inches of column space (large color photo excluded), which, at approximately 100 words/inch, equals approximately 2,600 words. If you don’t consider that to be excessive, then add in another 33 inches, or 1,450 words, which relate to the even more interesting topic of ... “bathrooms.” American Standard must be thrilled! Altogether there are some 4,000 words about bathroom choices and gender identity, which I perceive as private matters more properly discussed at home or with professionals. We should not have any interest in knowing what individuals do in the privacy of their homes or whether they sit or stand when answering nature’s call.

Despite the most ardent dreams, prayers and wishes of the troubled 4 percent and, regardless of the extent to which medical, surgical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or hormonal treatments are brought into the “treatment,” females who want to become males will never be able to acquire that male Y chromosome and the heavier and generally longer bone structure men inherit. Similarly, males who choose to become females will never be able to swap their male Y chromosome for that second X chromosome and that uniquely and distinctively shaped pelvic structure that women inherit.

Bruce Jenner will never truly be a genuine female, regardless of how he/she, they, it feels or sees themselves at any specific moment. Like it or not, gender is assigned at birth and, miracles aside, that’s the gender one must live with and make the best of. Remember that famous old quote, “You can’t fool Mother Nature.”

More importantly, and apparently overlooked in Ms. Ford’s lengthy report, is that according to data online, approximately 71 percent of individuals suffering from the psychological disorder known as gender dysphoria are more likely to have other mental health concerns in their lifetime such as mood and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders and suicide attempts. Professional therapy and support are required.

Finally, since time immemorial, the world has succeeded in persevering through the ages as a result of males and females procreating. Now, however, according to Gallup, young people born between 1980 and 1998 (millennials) are two times as likely as other age groups to identify with the LGBT community. It’s difficult to comprehend the perpetuation of a population of individuals with altered organs or couples with similar gender “identities.” Ms. Ford should be asking why.

I’ll proffer an answer. This is just one more symptom of declining American culture, language, values, respect, civility, dress, religion, etc. We have arrived at this moment in time as a consequence of questionable influences of the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the hippie movement of the 1960s with all of its sex, drugs, free love, bra and draft card-burning proponents who rejected the established institutions. Many of these individuals went on to become the parents, teachers, professors, entertainers, politicians and thus the reservoirs of influential thoughts, teachings and lifestyles to which current generations have been overexposed.

S. Fox

Little Egg Harbor


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