Town Appoints Dockmaster; Parking Area to Get Repaved

Mar 15, 2017

Michael Ball, Barnegat Township superintendent of public works, has an additional job title, as a resolution approved last week by the township committee designated him as dockmaster.

He replaces Phil Greco, who retired last year after 22 years. Dockmaster responsibilities include safe traffic and mooring of vessels, general operation of the docks and maintaining a safe and clean environment throughout the facility. Ball was hired since as of last year, the dockmaster is part of the town’s public works department, a change from his original supervision under the recreation department.

Township Administrator Martin Lisella said Ball would receive a $5,000 stipend.

“He did some work at the dock last year, so Mike will be familiar with operations once the season gets under way,” Lisella said. “The assistants will be back, so we should be in good hands.” 

Lisella also said the dock’s parking area will be repaved, a project he said was “long overdue.” He said estimated costs are $580,000.

“The only area that won’t be repaved is the area near where they launch the boats,” he said. “With all the improvements we’ve done at the dock, that parking area looks terrible. It’s like having a suit but no shirt and tie.”

Committeewoman Susan McCabe said the project was included in a comprehensive bond ordinance adopted in 2015 when she was mayor.

“We would have liked to have this ready by summer, but in all likelihood that work will start in September,” she said.  —E.E.



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