Aug 08, 2018

To the Editor:

While visiting Long Beach Island on Aug. 1, I read the letters to the editor in The SandPaper. One, from Bill Green of Beach Haven, accuses President Trump of treason in the first sentence of his letter. Obviously, Mr. Green is not too familiar with the U.S. Constitution, upon which the laws of this great country are based. Treason demands that the U.S. must be at war with the country upon which the charge was made. (See Article III, Section III of the U.S. Constitution.) This is why, back in the 1950s, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with espionage, not treason, for selling atomic secrets to the Russians. They were executed.

Regarding espionage, Hillary Clinton used non-government computers when handling classified info. She was the secretary of state at that time and claimed she did not know that “C” meant classified on documents. FBI head honcho James Comey elected not to charge Clinton with any crimes.

I am a retired police detective with over 30 years of criminal justice experience. Had I, as a detective, done what Comey did, I would have been charged with mis- and malfeasance and conspiracy. I would have been fired, arrested and probably sent to jail, and deprived of my pension.

Mr. Green and all Trump haters, consider this: Your 401K is doing great because of the economy; the stock market keeps breaking records; the GDP is over 4 (said to be impossible just last year); three U.S. prisoners were released by North Korea; and 55 remains from the Korean War were returned to the U.S. On and on the good stuff goes, all after Donald Trump started manning the conn.

Donald Trump was elected by over 60 million Americans and the Electoral College. He is our president, so respect his office.

Frank Flicker

Rockledge, Pa.



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