True American Patriots

Aug 24, 2016

To the Editor:

This letter is in reaction to Mr. Lucciola’s comments about the Khans (“Gold Star Politicking,” 8/17), particularly because he presumed to know what they and their son thought.

On my drive back to the Island last week, I was lucky enough to catch a lengthy interview with Mr. and Mrs. Khan by Diane Rehm on NPR. (I guess I just lost all the conservatives in the audience with that admission). America is very lucky to have the Khans. They are true American patriots in every sense of the word, and among the best Americans to have – those who chose to be here and are enthusiastic about the freedom and privileges we enjoy.

The Khans do not harbor any vitriolic feelings toward America or our leaders, despite the ultimate sacrifice their son and family made. They are a great example to us native-born Americans who may take for granted what we are lucky to have been born into.

Mr. Trump is riding a tide of anger and frustration that many feel toward our politicians and their seeming inability to govern and protect. Mr. Trump alone can’t solve our problems; no single man can. But with all his campaign rhetoric, I think Mr. Khan eloquently reminded him and us (his supporters and critics alike) that we can’t unilaterally rewrite the rules.

We and all our future leaders must respect our Constitution, its protections and all its commensurate freedom and privileges. We must avoid indiscriminately broad, knee-jerk solutions that disregard our Constitution and the civil rights of all Americans and those who still want to be. We must avoid the type of chaotic socio-political behavior that is all too common in many parts of this world, and the Constitution should be our guide.

We are not a nation of wall builders and black-listers and deporters. We are a nation of immigrants, and always should be. That is why we accepted the Statue of Liberty, and she still stands guard over the country, last time I checked anyway.

Tom McArdle

Ship Bottom


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