True Heroism

Mar 21, 2018

To the Editor:

I’m in awe of the students of Parkland, Fla. Still in their teens, they have shown us true heroism in the face of despair. Their parents must be so proud.

More, I think they woke up a nation to memories of what activism can attain for the greater good. These kids are asking for safety in their schools, thorough background checks and an end to assault rifles or weapons made for the military in the hands of civilians. 

Who are these kids to make these demands? They are the heirs to the greatest democratic experiment in the history of the world. They are articulate, educated and well informed. Most of all, they have persistence. This is why they will eventually win.

In a year or two they will vote and they will vote for decades. They are our heart and our spirit. They’ll be supported by millions across the country on March 24 as they reach Washington, D.C., to voice their opinions, the essence of the First Amendment.

Let us stand in solidarity with these young heroes.

Barbara Truncellito

Barnegat Light

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